1. A Queen Bows To No One

  2. Orizzonti (Horizons): soundtrack for a contemporary dance journey

  3. The End of the Third Local War

  4. Estimated Time Of Death

  5. Selfish Like a Star

  6. Spacewalk

  7. All Human Beings

  8. Random Sex Experiences in the Outer Space

  9. Accidental Ghosts

  10. Butterflies and zebras, soundtracks for fairy tales

  11. Something about the fall

  12. Occupy Yourself

  13. Il mondo in un minuto - Repubblica.it Videoblog

  14. Leias' dances for Jabba the Hutt parties

  15. The Odd Times of Mr Hiro

  16. Drumline for a Troll Army (Cadences for the Third Bugs War)

  17. The Swan is High (Breaking Badly in the Lake)

  18. Di Questo Mare (Non Si Vede Mai La Fine) - feat Miniman on micro and Sara Tiso

  19. Prayers

  20. Diggin in the groove

  21. Friday Funky Dance Deeelite

  22. The Long Way Through Deserts And Seas (Migrant song)

  23. Cadences and other rudimental and marching grooves for drums vol 2

  24. Drum Loop Essentials: organic human crafted groove

  25. Lunar Eclipse

  26. Groove into the wild: rough & acoustic, lo-fi, drums & snares

  27. The Witch

  28. Keep the vampires from your door - The Power of Love (Frankie goes to Hollywood cover)

  29. Spirits wrapped in the material loop (The Police is dancing)

  30. Japan Calling

  31. Morphed drums: electronic unconventional drum loops

  32. Everything but the four (/4): odd time drum loop collection

  33. The Long Way Through Deserts and Seas - A New Journey

  34. World Grooves, drum loops from the Planet Earth: rhythms in Latin, Afro, Tribal style

  35. Something about Christmas

  36. Building Bricks: play-along, riff, loop and other snippets for your music (free download)

  37. Groove is in the groove and in the heart


Gianluca Sgalambro Rome, Italy

loops, sounds and drums. music for dancers and videomakers. soundtracks, loops, drums and sometimes a cappucino. Lot of free stuff

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